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This ad is from the episode ArThor/The Big Fang Theory.

This ad is a parody of Yogi Bear and Yu-Gi-Oh!


  • Announcer
  • Yogi Bear (Yu-Gi-Bear)
  • Ranger Smith
  • Woman
  • Man
  • Girl
  • Boy
  • Amazon of the Seas
  • A Smarter-Than-the-Average-Bear trap card
  • Gigaplant
  • Boo-Boo-Eyes White Dragon


Yu-Gi Bear

Picture of Yu-Gi-Bear laughing.

Announcer: This summer, hide your picnic baskets, 'cause he's not just smarter than the average bear, but he also has a few tricks on his sleeve.

Announcer: Yu-Gi-Bear! Watch as Yu-Gi-Bear battles Ranger Smith.

Ranger Smith: You'll never get that family's picnic basket Yugi.

Yu-Gi-Bear: Try and stop me Ranger.

Yu-Gi-Bear and Ranger Smith: Let's duel!

Woman: I think we have enough for everyone actually.

Announcer: Yu-Gi-Bear!

Ranger Smith: I attack you with the Amazon of the Seas.

Yu-Gi-Bear: Hehehe, but I play with a Smarter-Than-the-Average-Bear trap card.


Man: Uh, okay. So is that it?

Yu-Gi-Bear: Hahahahahahaha, not even close.

Man: Huh, Better pass me a sandwich then.

Announcer: Yu-Gi-Bear! Is it packed with excitement?

Ranger Smith: I special summon Giga Plant which has 2400 attack points.

Announcer: Does a bear play collectable card games in the woods?

Yu-Gi-Bear: Clever strategy, but I play Boo-Boo my Boy Dragon.

Boo-Boo my Boy Dragon: Good move Yugi.

Yu-Gi-Bear: A card with 3000 attack points, that when on the field, allows me to-

Ranger Smith: Uh, actually they left.

Yu-Gi-Bear: Oh, hmm.

Yu-Gi-Bear and Ranger Smith: Yu-Gi-Bear!

Announcer: Yu-Gi-Bear!


  • Gigaplant is an actual Yu-Gi-Oh! card, as is Amazon of the Seas.

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