What's That? is a song from the segment Kitchen Nightmares Before Christmas.


 What's THAT?! Tastes like RAT!

You call that a mummy wrap? It's CRAP!

And those pancakes are remotely even flat!

And THAT makes me vomit in your lap!

I can't believe you tried to serve this from a VAA-AAT!

What's THAT?!?!

I was tired of the same stuff, but along came Frankenstein!

He cooked a simple side dish, but IT TASTES LIKE A BEHIND!

These creatures are disgusting, they fill me full of dread!

But mainly for their cooking, all because they don't have HEAAAAAAAAADS...


HATE when Rigor Mortis comes too late!

And WAIT! The garlic isn't straight 'cause your faith now that I hate you  DECIMATE YOU!

I feel alive when I critisize these ugly creatures with 8 eyes! Have I died?! ''


  • In Latin American version was a hint in one of the lyrics of song saying "ASS".

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