WWe Bought a ZOO is a crossover between WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and We Bought a Zoo.

This segment is from MAD Season 2, Episode 17 (43): WWe Bought a ZOO / 2 Broke Powerpuff Girls.


A heartfelt family tale about a man who buys a zoo and gets body slammed repeatedly.




(The scene begins.)

Benjamin Mee: See, kids? It has everything we need to start over! Wide-open spaces, fresh air, (Animal noises.) and wild animals.

Mr. Stevens: You do realize you're buying a ZOO, right?

Benjamin Mee: No one else seems to want it!

Mr. Stevens: That's not true, but since you seem normal, we're going with you! (Hands the deed to Benjamin.)

Benjamin Mee: YAY! Look, gang! We bought a zoo!


John Cena: Correction: WE bought a zoo!

(Title card: WWe Bought a ZOO)

Benjamin Mee: You can't just take over! I'm the deed holder! (Shows his deed.)

John Cena: (Takes the deed.) ZOINK! Now I'M the deed holder!

Benjamin Mee: Uh, that's not really how an ownership works.

Rey Mysterio: No, but this is how a bodyslam works! (Bodyslams Benjamin.)

(Triple H and John Cena laugh.)

Benjamin Mee: Why do you even want a zoo?

Triple H: Well, they bought all the rest of the leagues, so the next logical step was the zoo!

Benjamin Mee: I don't really follow that much.

Rey Mysterio: Oh, can you follow this? Bodyslam! (Bodyslams Benjamin again.)

(Scene goes to Triple H and an injured Benjamin Mee walking in the zoo.)

Triple H: See, the reason this zoo went out of business was because it's boring. We're gonna fix this place up and make it exciting!

Benjamin Mee: EXACTLY! Now I was thinking a gift shop would spice things up.

Triple H: Really? I was thinking we teach the animals how to WRESTLE!!

Rey Mysterio: You need a "persona"! Without a mask, people will realize you don't have a personality. See? (Points to his mask.) Personality. (Points to a raccoon.) Personality. (Points to Benjamin Mee.) No personality. (Animal noise.)

John Cena: If you want people to like you, you need to learn how to "rap"! You think you're a lion? Well, you are just a rat! And I rap "rat" with "rap"!

(They get into a fight, showing a sign saying "WARNING: Do not battle rap with the lion".)

Triple H: Okay, it's good, but it's not great.

Benjamin Mee: How about balloons?

Triple H: Did you say "drama"? (Scene zooms in on him.) That's perfect! People love drama!

Benjamin Mee: I don't think you understand.

(Rey Mysterio pops out of the bushes.)

Rey Mysterio: Did you say you want a bodyslam?

Benjamin Mee: (Pulls out a pitchfork.) NO, I DON'T! I don't want a bodyslam!

Rey Mysterio: Oh, I never realized that bothered you! I'll stop. Use your words, man. Use your words.


  • Antagonists: WWE Wrestlers
  • Kelly Foster, Duncan Mee and Lily Miska did not appear in this.
  • In the Latin American Version, Rey Mysterio spoke Mexican because he was born in Mexico.
    • Also in the Latin America Version, John Cena said a bad word "stupid" a zebra, so it was censored.

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