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WALL·E·NATOR is a crossover between WALL·E and the Terminator.

This segment is from MAD Season 1, Episode 5: WALL·E·NATOR / Extreme Renovation: House Edition

MAD Wall-E-Nator00:51

MAD Wall-E-Nator

Video of short segment


After getting Wolverine's jacket instead of his insurance, WALL·E·NATOR starts a rampage against producers of garbage.


MAD References



(Scene begins at the Bar Corrall. Lightning appears as a timejump occurs, bringing a killer robot back in time, sent presumably by SkyNet... but the robot in question is quite different. We go into WALL·E's first person viewer. Text says "[Time Travel Successful] [System Ready]")

Wolverine: Dude, you crashed my bike.

WALL·E: (The HUD text says "[Sweet Jacket] [Take It]") GIVE ME YOUR CLOTHES.

Wolverine: I'm supposed to give you my insurance, but OK. (Later, Wolverine is seen in only his heart-patterned boxers. Humiliatin', ain't it?) Had to wear the hearts today...

(Scene goes to a BnL house.)

Shelby: I don't care if you're running out of room to put things! Just keep selling! (Knocking) Hang on a second. (Opens the door.) Can I help... (Looking down, WALL·E is revealed - a Waste Allocation Load Lifer - Earth Class 'bot gone wrong, clad in Wolverine's jacket.) you?


(The title card appears next to WALL·E's right glowing red eye: WALL·E·NATOR)

Shelby: (Just as WALL-E's coming for him slowly...) What did I do? (WALL·E hands him over a newspaper) "All underwear half off." (WALL·E corrects this little oversight by snatching the newspaper, switching it around to show the front page news: "TOO MUCH TRASH!!! EARTH COVERED - B&L CCO DECLARES GLOBAL EMERGENCY") "Too Much Trash, Earth Covered." But I haven't covered the world in trash yet. And there's no proof that I will. (Throws the newspaper into a trash bin but it falls to the ground. Of course, that triggered WALL·E's Death Mode. His HUD's text says "[Garbage Detected!]") No, wait! I'll clean that up!

(Too late. WALL·E grabs Shelby and stuffs him into his compactor module.)

Shelby: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

(He turns him into a cube, farting him out.)


Shelby: Ouuuch!

(WALL·E finds and scans Oscar the Grouch. "The text says [Oscar the Grouch] [Producer of Garbage] [Target #2]")

Girl: (Oscar is eating a trashed fish) Hi, Oscar! Can you help us find a triangle?

Oscar: Tell you what: why don't you tri-an-go away so I can eat my lunch? (Boy cries. Oscar turns around and sees WALL·E stuffing his garbage into his compactor module.) Hey, R2-D2, keep your grubby hooks off my garbage! I like it like that!

(WALL·E disagrees with Oscar, grabbing him out of the can and stuffs him into his compactor module.)

Oscar: (groans) Ohh!! (He turns him into a cube, farting him out too.)

Girl: A square!

Oscar: Shut up, kid!

(Boy cries again.)

(WALL·E goes into the city.)

SpongeBob SquarePants: (looking round) I've eaten so many Krabby Patties, how will I ever regain my shape?

(WALL·E solves SpongeBob's shape problem by turning him into a cube too, and farts him out as the square-shaped sponge he is.)

SpongeBob SquarePants: (sighs) That's better.

(Scene goes into Sam Sparks interviewing Flint Lockwood)

Sam Sparks: Flint, do you ever worry what will happen if Mount Leftover gets too big?

Flint Lockwood: Nah. I just make the food. I don't care what happens to the trash--

(WALL·E grabs Flint Lockwood and stuffs him into his compactor module.)

Flint Lockwood: Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

(Lesson learned: NEVER say the word "trash" within WALL·E's hearing radius. Flints learns it the HARD way as WALL·E turns him into a cube, with Sam watching in horror, and farting him out. Sam Sparks looks at the camera.)

Sam Sparks: We now return to MAD, already in progress.

(MAD comes back to air on a television in the TV News Van. Of course, WALL·E sees MAD, with contempt, as the root of the garbage problem he's sent back in time to recycle - and looks like he finally found it. Scene goes to MAD Headquarters, of which WALL·E's paying a visit to remember.)


(Scene goes to MAD headquarters interior, home to Alfred E. Neuman, Spy vs. Spy and the Usual Gang of Idiots behind it all. WALL·E breaks in with a punch, ready to put an end to MAD - the biggest producers of garbage - as we know it.)


Kevin Shinick: "Garbage"?!

(WALL·E stuffs him into his compactor module.)

Kevin Shinick: (groans) Ohh! (He turns him into a cube, and farts him out. This had a demoralizing shock action effect on the crew.)

(The executives scream in terror.)

Executives: Aaaaaaahhhh! (WALL·E approaches the Usual Gang of Idiots to slam the final nail on MAD's coffin and finish the job. The HUD text says "[Final Targets!]" But fate has other plans, as he shifts crosshairs to a Xerox machine with a record scratch, currently printing, as soon as he hears the printing noise. This changed WALL·E's mission priorities drastically, seeing the Xerox machine as EVE...)

WALL·E: XEROX. (Hugs it as hearts pop from his head.)

(Later, the marriage of WALL-E and the Xerox is in progress - and everybody's invited, Optimus Prime, Spock, Wolverine and the Gang included.)

Reverend: If anyone disagrees with this union, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Wolverine: Uh, I would actually like to get my jacket back. (WALL·E was saving Wolverine for last as he turns him into a cube and farts him out.) Consider it a wedding gift.

[End Segment]


  • Antagonist: WALL·E·NATOR
  • Alfred E. Neuman appeared twice on a TV screen and in the MAD Headquarters.
  • Second time Schlock and Captain Zero appear on MAD. First was the previous episode.
  • This is second time Optimus Prime appears on MAD. First was Episode 2.
  • Sam Sparks says, "We now return to MAD, already in progress." This would later be used (and distorted) at the end of MAD News in Season 2.
  • The Xerox might obviously be a parody of EVE.
  • In the original version on Vimeo, Mater appears and a hot dog ad is seen.
  • Wolverine is coming outside the bar before he's caught by WALL·E·NATOR, which may be a reference to Dances with Wolverine: A Footloose Parody.
  • Second time SpongeBob appears. The first was Celebrity Birthdays.
  • In the film, WALL·E had a high-pitched voice. But in this segment, he had a low voice in order to fit the Terminator style of the segment.
  • This is the first segment that the name of a MAD parody is said differently.
  • This is the first time an R-rated film got parodied on MAD.

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