This ad is a parody of Hamburger Helper.

This ad is from the episode S'UP / Mouse M.D.

Summary of Skit

A new meal is made to make vampires have more variety when drinking blood.


Announcer: For years, they've walked the earth with only one thing on their minds.

(The vampire tries to bite the woman but gets interrupted by the Vampire Helper Glove.) Vampire Helper Glove: Blood for dinner again? Luckily, there's new Vampire Helper, the new flavor mix that turns any dinner into a winner! Vampire Helper turns your plain paniced victim into a savory, tangy, cheddar-cheese-and-macaroni supper your family will love.

Woman: I sound delecious!

Vampire: Oh, no you don't; that neck is mine! (Both laugh.) No, seriously. (He bites the woman.)

Vampire Helper Glove: Vampire Helper! Now in new Sesame Chicken.

Man: Uh-oh!

(Scene ends and goes to Crocodile Shoes.)

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