MAD Episodes And Ideas Not Including My Ideas From My Profile Page

1. Avaturd/CSiCarly

2. The TransBOREmores/The Groan Wars

3. The 2012 Dalmatians/Grey's In Anime

4. UGlee/Star Blecch

5. THE WALL-E-NATOR/The Extreme Renovations

6. The Batman Family Feud/The Journey To Neverland

7. Big Time Rushmore/Cliffordfield

8. MAD VS Wild/The Fantastic Megan Fox

9. I Love You Iron Man/Ben 10 Franklin

10. The Class Of The Titans/Zeke And Lex Luthor

11. Mouse M.D/S'UP

12. The Da Grinchy Code/The Duck

13. Snot Pilgrim/Malcom In The Middle Earth

14. The Pokemon Park/THE WWER

15. Yo Gagga Gagga/How To Train Your Dragon To Dance

16. The Straight A Team/America's Next Top Gaming Princess

17. The Buzz Lightyear Identity/The Two And A Half Man

18. You Karate Kidding Me?/The Fresh Prawn

19. The HOPS/Berverly Hills Naru-210

20. Law And Ogre/The KO-BEE Movie

21. Winnie The Pooh Grit/Not A Fan Of Montana

22. The Social Netjerk/Turn Off The Clark

Yet To Be Finished...

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