I Like Crossovers More Than Take-Offs, But I Mean, Along With Avatar, The Smurfs, Blue's Clues (I Think), And A cat Playing A Keyboard. It had Good Jokes, But A Partially Inappropriate Name. Rating? 8/10.


Eh, iCarly Was A Better Spoofing In iCharlie, But This Is A Crossover, And That's Good. But To Be Honest, I Prefer Avaturd. Rating: 7/10.


Take-Offs, Yeah. Though I Am Not A Transformers Guy, It was Kind Of Cool, But A Bit Forgettable. My Rating? 6/10.

Star Wars: The Groan Wars:

Another Take-Off. Like TransBOREMores, This Didn't Have Much Potential But Was kind of Cool. Rating? 6/10.

2012 Dalmations: 

This Was When The Show Started Getting Good. I Loved All The Dalmations, "Diary Of A Wimpy Mayan", And For Some Reason, I Liked The Way That Guy Said That Boomboxes Were Like MP3 Players But Bigger. Rating? 9/10.

Grey's In Anime:

I Don't Like Anime, But I Liked This Segment. So Funny To  See Anime Doctors. Although Some Of The Anime Characters Were Not Familiar. Rating? 8/10.

Star Blecch:

This Was Another Take-Off, But The First Actually Good One. I Liked The part Where It Where The Antagonist Was Pretending It Was An Ad, Him Interrupting Ben 10, And Almost Everything Else. Rating? 9.5/10.


When I First Saw This, I Was Randomly Cracking Up Like Mad. The Punks Smashing The High school Musical Guys, The Careless Wheelchair Guy, Sue Sylvester Burping, Principal Figgins Sitting On A Cheerleader, The Mohawked Punk With Mr. T, And So much More. Rating? 10/10.


I Loved This Parody, But For Some Reason I can't Explain How. Rating? 8.3/10.

Extreme Renovation: House Edition: 

My Memories Are On Vacation After Seeing This.

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