Mariah: Brain says,

Brain: YES!

Mariah: ZIM says,

ZIM: Ha ha!

Mariah: And Mikey says,


Mariah: Everyone loves Barney. "Who is Barney?" they ask.

Barney: Well, that is me.

Mariah: Buzz does fly. Hopper's mean. And Kermit the Frog is

Kermit: Always green.

Mariah: But there's a new guy on the wiki!

All: What does Big Red say?

Big Red: I win most games! (x6)

All: (except Big Red) What Big Red says!

Big Red: I'm a helper in my house! I'm friends with people in my school! I listen to my mom and dad!

All: (except Big Red) What Big Red says!

Big Red: I love I I love Mikey! I'm a cool dude! Do you hear me? Mariah's bursting me with glee!

All: (except Big Red) What Big Red says!

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