Just like this one, but with me and Buzz in it!

(Setting - Mariah's room in Barney's house)

Mariah: Good night, Buzz! (as Buzz while helping him salute) Good night, Cadet! (falls asleep)

Announcer: When night falls, what do you suppose toys dream about?

(Setting - Buzz's dream about Disneyland)

Announcer: Perhaps they drift off to wild and wonderous places!

(Setting - the Disney Cruise Line ship with Buzz and his friends)

Announcer: They come to life in song and dance

(Setting - a Toy Story stage show)

Announcer: On amazing stages!

(Setting - the Toy Story Mania ride)

Announcer: And they invite you to take aim and ride!

(Setting - the Pixar Play Parade with Buzz and his friends)

Announcer: And they all join together in a musical, magical parade!

(Setting - Toy Story Land)

Announcer: With the fun goes on and on! Until you have to wonder, was it all a dream,

(Setting - Back to Mariah's room in Barney's house)

Announcer: Or a dream come true?

(the Buzz toy winks)

(Setting - Disneyland castle)

(The real Buzz hugs Mariah, then salutes to her)

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