Parody of Princess Ke$ha.


(Barney hums)

Milli: Lame!

Mariah: Ahem! La da da la dum, la da dum!

Geo: Ok! Fuck this,

Bot: Oh, oh, oh, YEEEAAAH!

Milli: Time to get the day going! Dressing up to the noise!

Yow, crew! So right! Make princess Milli look fine!

Barney: Add a little touch of magic from your fairytale life!

And, "Oh," we go! Oh!

Milli: OH!

Look in the the mirror, rub my eyes, and what is THIS?!

Barney: Looks like some genie smiling back!

Geo: Suck it, bitch!

Milli: Yo, Mr. Barney, pass the cloth I need to rinse!

Geo: Trim it, prim it, dressing messy! Oh yeah! That's my shit!

Milli: I'm getting ready so ni-i-ice! Oh yeah!

Bot: It's kind of cool, I got a robot voice!

Geo: (spoken) Check this shit out! (sung) No mirror lady bitch can deny-y-y!

Milli: I'm getting customized, customized, customized, right!

Geo: I'm getting ready so damn punked up, even with this wedgy riding up my butt!

Thanks to Mr. Fanboy, he's a sneaky fuck!

Milli: I'm getting customized, customized, customized, right!

Geo: Puh-lease, BITCH!

Barney: A touch of glitter on your cheek,

Milli: Now, the look is complete!

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