Mariah: I never thought my life could be anything but a catastrophe,

But suddenly, I begin to see a bit of good luck for me!

Cause I've got a golden ticket!

I've got a golden twinkle in my eye!

Barney: (spoken) You do?

Mariah: I do!

(sung) I never had a chance to shine! Never a happy song to sing,

But suddenly, half the world is mine!

Barney: (spoken) What an amazing thing!

Mariah: Yeah!

(sung) Cause I've got a golden ticket!

I've golden sun up in the sky!

Barney: (spoken) Oh, it's beautiful!

Mariah: I know!

(sung) I got the first one, there's still four!

Team Omniverse, you gotta look for more

Golden tickets, then, you'll see!

You can go to the chocolate factory with me!

Yes, find four more golden tickets!

Barney: Find four more golden tickets!

Mariah: Inside your Wonka bars!

Barney: Find them inside your Wonka bars!

Mariah: Then you can meet me to the factory!

Barney: Meet her in the factory!

Mariah: Maybe the factory

Both: Will not be... too... far!!!!!!

Barney: Maybe not too far!

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