(Setting - Barney's House)

Barney: So, Mariah, what do you wanna do today?

Mariah: Let's go to Disney California Adventure!

Barney: Oh, that sounds like super-dee-duper fun! You know the magic words, right?

Mariah: I do! Shimbaree, Shimbarah!


(the magic sparkles take them from Barney's house, to Disney California Adventure)

Barney: Wow!

Mariah: We made it!

Barney: Oh, we sure did!

Boy: Hey sis, it's Barney!

Girl: Barney?


Barney: Oh ho ho my! There are a lot of kids that love me!

Announcer: You've seen him around the world, now, get ready to see him for the first time at Disney California Adventure! And just like Turtle Talk with Crush, you can talk with Barney on Dino Talk with Barney! Opening May 5th, 2017!

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