Note: Barney's voice is Bob West.

Lucia: (while watching Barney Live) Oh, why can't Barney say my name?

(doorbell rings)

Lucia: (yelling) I'll get it!

(She runs to the door, opens the door, then...)

Lucia: (gasps) BARNEY!!!!

Barney: (chuckles) Hello, Lucia!

Lucia: You said my name! (hugs Barney)

Announcer: Introducing Barney Knows Your Name! He says your name!

Barney: Lucia, let's sing!

Lucia: OK!

Announcer: He sings songs with you,

Barney and Lucia: (singing) We're a happy family!

Announcer: And he plays with you!

Barney: Lucia, let's go the slide!

Barney and Lucia: WHEEEE! (giggles)

Lucia: That was fun!

Barney: Shall we do it again?

Lucia: Let's shall!

Announcer: Barney Knows Your Name! Now featuring BJ, Baby Bop, and Riff Knows Your Name! Each dino sold seperately!

Lucia: (hugs Barney) I love you, Barney!

Barney: Awww! (chuckles)

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