Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is The Big Red Show! In this show, I will interview anyone you commenters want, like fictional characters (ex. Barney, Beemo), or even you yourself! I will ask you/your character of choice a ton of questions, and I will expect the answers, and not cop-outs! I will also allow interviewing multiple people at once, if you reply to the original special guest! The only rules are: no swearing, no trolling and no stalling on the answers (ex. What is your favorite food? Response: Um, I dunno...)! So don't be shy: Get yourself or any other famous character interviewed for no price! I will be able to end the conversation if any of the rules get broken too much, so BE CAREFUL. Other then that, have fun, and make sure to stop by on... 

THE BIG RED SHOW! *applause*

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