What can I say about it other than what you already expect? Okay, here it goes:


Seriously. I love every. Single. Thing. In this movie. Usually I don't like unicorns, but I like cats. So the Unikitty is fine on my book. And I love everything and everyone else. I love Benny, who is obsessed with spaceships and space, Metal Beard, a freaking robot pirate, I even love the villains, like Lord Buisness, played by Will Ferrel, and I love Good/Bad Cop, played by that guy from Taken, with the last name of Neeson. oh, and Batman. How did I forget him? 

There are too many characters to name, including Emmet and Wild Style/Lucy, so I will just stop naming them. With the movie altogether: It's funny, beautifully animated, great action, and so much more good things. Sure, there are some butt jokes here and there, but you could forget it easily when you remember the epic Unikitty Scene. Never in my life would I think "epic" and "Unikitty" would be in the same sentence in that order, but Lego Movie made it so. If you have never ever seen this, and can't watch it on the big screen, don't worry: It will come to DVD soon.

Oh, and one more thing: 


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