For some odd reason, I can't post on Mariah's message wall, so I have to just make a blog directed to her. Here is how it works: you have the choice of a few movies to reenact. That is pretty simple. Here are the movies: 

1. Groundhog's Day: A movie about a guy whose life keeps repeating, and he must find out how to break the loop. 

2. The Truman Show. This movie is about a guy who realizes his life has been a TV Show. 

3. The Dark Knight. Become Batman and fight against The Joker, Bane, and others! 

4. The Lego Movie. Become the Special, destined to save them all! 

5. Nightmare Before Christmas. You find a tree that leads to a magical world: Halloween Town! 

Those are your choices. I hope you make up your mind and decide which one to do. Have fun!  

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