I have decided that, in the near or far future, I will write a Lego Movie fanfic. Here's a sypnosis: It's a retelling of the The Lego Movie's story... but here is the twist... (drum roll) All the characters are swapped with Nintendo characters! 

Yep. I will call it either Super Smash Lego Movie or The Nintendo Movie. I got inspiration from a video online that uses almost every Nintendo character in the roles of Star Wars characters. Link was Luke, for example. Right now, I know Emmet will be a Shy Guy working with a Shy Guy Contruction Team, Dr. Light will the wizard and Dr. Wily will be Lord Business, and Shiek/Zelda is Wild Style/Lucy. I don't know about the other characters like Bad Cop/Good Cop and Unikitty and Benny yet, so that's why I need help from Nintendo and Lego Movie experts like you guys! I know Cloudcoocooland will be Popstar, Kirby's home planet, but not the other details. What do you guys think? Who will be who? 

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