I wish I could have an epic celebration of the past year, but I can't really do that! So instead, I just want to say how much I loved this year. It would be cool if I could just go inside my mind, and virtually see the best moments off 2013. But we don't have that kind of tech yet, and I am terrible at making lists when I can't remember anything from the previous year. So instead of that, I will be saying what I look foward to in the following days and months: 

  • I look forward to new CN shows, like Clarence, The tom and Jerry Show, Mixels and Sonic Boom, a new Sonic tv show. 
  • Not only will there be new cartoon SERIES, but there will be a one hour Powerpuff Girls special on the 20th! Hey, don't judge me for liking it! You wouldn't understand unless you were a fan like me! 
  • An upcoming Despicable Me minions movie spinoff is coming in 2014! The minions always manage to make me laugh, and I hope a full Minions movie won't disappoint me. 
  • I also look forward to technology we might invent in the future; Biostamps, an uncoming tech gear, is a tattoo of sorts that you put on your arm to send signals to your machines, eliminating needs for passwords; 3-d printers will be coming in the future; a substance called graphene will allow us to charge things in seconds/minutes and not hours; and so on. Learn more here.  

And I am most certainly looking forward to funny and crazy moments on this wiki, with Mrosem6 and everyone else. If anyone else has some things they are looking forward to, like movies, tv shows, new tech or just moments in your life, post in the comments. Have a great year!

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