Not many of you may have heard of this. It is something you wouldn't expect me to like, but I like it. HTF stands for Happy Tree Friends. It is a cute, innocent, crazy viral sensation on Youtube. I would post a link to a video of it, but I think I should post it here instead.

The Best of Happy Tree Friends (Part 1)09:53

The Best of Happy Tree Friends (Part 1)

Seriously, it's not what you think.

Just a warning, like with Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: THIS IS NOT G RATED. This is made for those teens who like... strange things... If you are into... what you see in the video... then you can go and watch more. If not, at the sight of something in the video that displeases you, just pause it and leave this page. It's that simple, folks.
Happy Tree Friends Kirby Krackle - Unlucky02:07

Happy Tree Friends Kirby Krackle - Unlucky


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