What if the entire human race is just an army of robots? That would explain how we seemingly showed up out of nowhere: we were created from a giant robot-creating machine! So we are not just building robots, we are building ourselves! And that makes computers little humanoid babies who haven't developed AI yet! 

And the fact that humans have created telivision, web animations and other forms of media shows that we are subconsiously trying to get ourselves out of the matrix and into those worlds through our minds. And those terrible shows for toddlers are not meant to educate children; they are meant to control their minds to make them unable to resist the orders of the leaders (the government). The fact that people like me can resist their messages shows that we are amazing technologies. It's too bad some androids like Mariah couldn't resist the orders of her dinosaur leader. 

So, I'm not saying that the Bible is a lie, I'm just saying that it just left out the part with us being robots. That means Jesus is a Robot Jesus! And God would be like the controller of the matrix, the mainframe that runs this joint. 

I am totally going to believe this theory one hundred percent. In fact, the government may be watching me right now, and is seeing that I figured out the truth! Okay, I may disappear and be replaced by a mindless clone, but I will try and resist the evil Robot Government's tricks for now. So, be on the look out for evil androids, and don't believe anything the TV tells you, even the ones you thought you could trust. Trust NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!

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