(Black Spy is getting large and it shows White Spy,Skateboard the Slowpoke that can Skateboard,White Rainbow,Trio the Dodrio that can transform into a Dodrio jet,Ivy the Venusaur,and me the pegasus look at him in shock and he stop getting big)

Trio: (Turns into jet form and White Spy jumps on and Trio shoots at Black Spy but it doesn't do much damage) Darn it!

Skateboard: (Uses Water Gun while spinning in the air on his skateboard but it doesn't do much damage either) Come on!

Ivy: (Uses Power Whip but it doesn't do much damage either) IS THERE ANYTHING THAT WILL REALLY HURT BLACK SPY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: (Flys into the air and make a big ball of energy that hits Black Spy,sending him flying and he returns to normal size,and keeps flying until he flies out of sight)

Me,Trio,Skateboard,Ivy,White Spy,and White Rainbow: YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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