This ad is a parody of Disney and Pixar's UP.

This ad is from the episode 2012 Dalmatians / Grey's in Anime.


This is an advertisement about a backpack with over 2,000 balloons.


  • Carl Fredricksen
  • Russell
  • Dug


Announcer: From the makers of the movie UP comes something also called "UP". Introducing "UP", an advanced system of getting you up and outta a jam. Bored of a school field trip? Just use "UP". About to be bumbled by the school bully? Try "UP". Big test getting you down? Get on "UP"! Up utilized 2,000 balloons easily attached to any surface which means "UP" is also transferable to your friends.

I wish I have somewhere to sit.

Your dog.


Even your room.

That room better not be messy.

Good job.

But this great deal is almost UP.

Time for school, class.

So get UP. Warning: The makers from "UP" aren't responsible for where you end "UP."

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