This ad is from the episode Force Code / Flammable.

This ad is a parody of United Parcel Service (UPS) and U2.

Summary of Skit

The U2PS World Tour!!!!! Get your tickets now.


Announcer: U2 is the most influential band around. Teaming up with big names to fight hunger, raise awareness, and to kill spiders. But things just got bigger 'cause now they're teaming up with the postal service to help you! It's the U2PS World Tour!!!!! That's right. They got your mail and they're delivering the only way they know how: on stage in concert.

Bono: Is there a Olivia Williams here?

Olivia Williams: (screaming quietly) OH, MY GOSH, THAT'S ME!

Announcer: The U2PS World Tour!!!!! You've waited in line before, but never like this. So come on down to the Civic Center Arena and pick up your mail from the guys that brought you "Where the Streets Have No Name (Or Numbers)", "Sunday, No Blood Mail on Sunday", "With Or Without Insurance", and "I Still Haven't Found the House I'm Looking For". The U2PS World Tour!!!!! Get your tickets now.

Person: But they're $200!

Ticket Seller: Look, you want your mail or not?!


  • Alfred E. Neuman appeared on the stamp on the mail.
  • Goof: in real life, Olivia Williams is British, not American

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