Summary of Skit


Optimus Prime: Tired of being caught (boy walks up to gaurd) unprepared?

Guard: Sorry pal, you need to dress formal for the prom!

(Optimus Prime with black body emerges from the building)

Optimus Prime: Well, those days are over! (picks up boy)


(Camera zooms in on Optimus prime)

Optimus Prime: Now that there's (Optimus Prime's body is revealed to be a tuxedo) Transformal Wear. (Transformal wear logo appears)

(Scene goes to boy whose shirt changes to Animated-like Transformal Wear logo)

Boy: Whew, I thought you were gonna hurt me!

(Scene goes back to Optimus Prime)

Optimus Prime: Because Transformal Wear transforms to (Scene goes to boy) suit your needs.

(Boy's shirt transforms into a metal tuxedo)

Boy: OW! OOH! OW! OW! OW! There's a lot of sturch in this!

(Optimus Prime drops boy near girl)

Optimus Prime: So you can look your best.

Boy: Wanna go to the prom together?

Girl: Well, I didn't buy a dress, but- OW! OOH! OW! OW! OW! (Girl's shirt transforms into blue dress and also changes her hair to pink) Wow, it even matches my earrings.

(Scene goes to Optimus Prime)

Optimus Prime: Plus, Transformal Wear comes with (Scene goes to Boy and Girl in prom) cufflinks (cufflinks appear on boy's arms), corsages (flower appears on girl's dress) and (rockets appear on boy's left shoulder and girl's right shoulder) shoulder rocket launchers (Camera zooms out to people dancing), so you can really clear the dance floor. (BOOM!) So why waste money on a regular outfit (Scene goes to Optimus Prime) when Transformal Wear is your one-stop-shop for (Scene goes to 3 boys wearing different-colored tuxes) tuxedos, (Scene goes to 3 girls wearing dresses) dresses, and even (Scene goes to boy and girl outside) transportation!

Boy: Wait, what? OW! OOH! OW! OW! OW! (Boy's tux transforms into a white limo with boy's head sticking outof the front and hands sticking out the sides) I can't believe the pain I'm in!

(Camera zooms in on girl)

Girl: I can't believe the money I saved! (winks) Thanks, Transformal Wear!

(Scene goes to the prom room where 3 boys and 3 girls wearing their tuxes and dresses are dancing (also, Optimus Prime is behind them))

Optimus Prime: Transformal Wear, for all your transformal occasions!


  • Other tuxes shown (from left to right) were "Sideswiper" (the sky blue tux), "Bumbletux" (the yellow tux), and "Megatux" (the gray tux).
  • Other dresses shown (from left to right) were "Spring Ratchet" (the blue one), "Lavender Scream" (the pink one), and "Prombuster" (the purple one).
  • All the transformal tuxes and dresses' names are parodies of some Autobots and Decepticons:
    • Sideswiper is a parody of Sideswipe.
    • Bumbletux is a parody of Bumblebee.
    • Megatux is a parody of Megatron.
    • Spring Ratchet is a parody of Ratchet.
    • Lavender Scream is a parody of Starscream.
    • Prombuster is a parody of Roadbuster.

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