Tom and Jerry parody title card

This ad is a parody of Tom and Jerry and is from the episode Here Comes the Doom / Brain Purge.

Summary of Skit

The ad starts out with Tom chasing Jerry. Tom bumps into a drawer, with a weight on top of it. The vibrations make the weight shake and Jerry expects the weight to crush Tom, but crushes Jerry instead, might be killing him. Tom looks at a crushed Jerry and feels happy about it, until the police come and arrest Tom for the squashing of Jerry. We later see Tom and Nibbles at court, with Droopy as the judge. Nibbles explains the crushing Jerry problem. Droopy replies "How to you plead?", but because of Tom inability to speak, no words come out, and Droopy puts him down as "probably guilty". Nibbles asks Sylvester if he thinks that Tom is guilty, and he replies "Sure. Why not?". Tom goes to try to talk with Sylvester about if he is guilty or not, but no words come out of his mouth while he babbles, and Nibbles thinks that he is battering the witness, and Droopy says that he is sustained. Droopy says that he is guilty, and he asks him if he has anything to say. Tom still can't say anything, but he shrugs his hands as if to say, "Seriously?". Finally Droopy sentences him with a lifetime of getting hit in the head with irons, and the iron hitting begins. 




  • This segment alludes to the fact that Tom and Jerry's inability to speak, however, some of the old episodes, including the first movie, we can see that both protagonists can speak.
  • Tom's tail is animated the wrong way.
  • The police officers heads not being shown is obviously a reference to Tom and Jerry Tales and the first few Tom and Jerry Shorts. What is the point to not showing the people's heads? Why do they do that?
  • Sylvester the Cat from Looney Tunes appears in this ad.
  • At the end of this ad, the announcer mentioned Mouse M.D.
  • In the scene when the cops arrive, they cuff one of Tom's hands, but on the next shot, we can see that both of his hands suddenly are cuffed.
  • Kath Soucie voices Nibbles (Tuffy) here. She has also played the character in Tom and Jerry Tales and The Tom and Jerry Show.