This is a segment in Hip Hop Hobbit / The Monday Project.


Tinky Turner wants elves to believe in themselves.


Announcer:You seen him live.

Tinky Turner:Stop being Santas Little Helper and start being your own little helper!

(elfs cheer)

Anouncer:You seen him on TV.

Tinky:I used to work in Santas Workshop,Now i have my own workshop,inside myself!

Announcer:Now,you can have him in your home with (book zooms in) Tinky Turner's Self-Elf Book!

(fades to a ship)

Tinky:Hi Im Tinky Turner and I was a losesome a direction I was nothing then ,I discovered a system to fix my life. Instead of making toys I made T.O.Y.S Total Overhaul Yourself Soon.

(breaks chalk)

Announcer:Now, Tinkys secret is yours to own!

Tinky:Stop believing in Santa and start believing in you!

(Red elf rotates rocking horse to left with his face)

Tinky:I,ll teach you the secrets of thinking tall!...

Blue Elf:I'm not 3 feet small,(Zooms out) I'm 3 feet tall!

(gets grabbed by a bird and screams)

Tinky:...And asserting you elf!

Red Elf #2:I'm sick of wearing this pointy hat,(takes off hat and pulls out another)Western wear is in!

Announcer:Act Now and become a new elf today!

Tinky:Remember,Pointed ears,not pointed thoughts.


The name Tinky Turner is a refrence to Timmy Turner in The Farliy Oddparents.

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