This ad is a take-off of the Woman in Black.

This ad is from the episode Yawn Carter / Franklin & Crash.
The Woman In BackTitleScreen

Title Screen to segment


Watching someone watching the Woman in Black is better than watching the Woman in Back.


  • Harry Potter
  • John Carter


  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Woman


Announcer: If you thought The Woman in Black was unnerving...

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm very good in this.

Announcer: Then you'll love...

Woman: Is that Harry Potter? You look shorter! Where's the cute girl?

Daniel Radcliffe: Shhh! Keep it down back there!

Announcer: The Woman in Back! She's LOUD...

Woman: *Chewing loudly and spilling popcorn*

Daniel Radcliffe: I'm sorry. Did you come here to watch a movie, or to chew?

Woman: *Mumbing with mouthful*

Daniel Radcliffe: Ugh!

Announcer: She's ANNOYING...

Woman: *Gasps* Who's that guy? Is he bad? Wait, I thought that guy was that guy! Do you die in the end!?

Daniel Radcliffe: If you watch the movie, you'd find out!

Announcer: And she NEVER... STOPS... TALKING!!!

Woman: Yeah! No for real, I'm sitting right behind him! The guy from Harry Potter! And that other movie. What's it called? The Woman in... uh... something, or other?

Daniel Radcliffe: Black! The Woman in Black! You're watching it right now!

Woman: I'm gonna have to call you back.

Daniel Radcliffe: Good!

Woman: 'Cause I have another call!

Daniel Radcliffe: *Groans loudly and angrily*

Announcer: The Woman in Back! Because watching someone watching The Woman in Black is better than watching The Woman in Black!

Daniel Radcliffe: *Is passed out with black eyes, hanging over seat, until hears blender, which he turns around and then back*

Woman: You want a smoothie!?

5-Second Cartoon

Woman: Ugh, this movie is worse than John Carter! Oh, you didn't see it? Well, let me tell you about it!


  • The woman sounds like Loretta Lockhorn from Garfield of Dreams and Truffles from Chowder. This is not a coincidence, because they're all voiced by Tara Strong.

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