The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O is a crossover between the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Lion-O of the ThunderCats.

This segment is from MAD Season 2, Episode 19 (45): My Little War Horse / The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O.


The funniest talk show host in the planet Thundera welcomes his guest, Ryan Gosling.



  • Jay Lion-O
  • Tygra
  • Panthro
  • Cheetara
  • WilyKit
  • WilyKat
  • Snarf
  • Mumm-Ra
  • Ryan Gosling (Star of Crazy, Stupid, LOLCat)
  • Lion-O (Briefly before Jay Lion-O is revealed.)
  • Grune (In the photos of Ryan Gosling and Cheetara's first date)


(Starts at Thundera. Lion-O prepares to battle. Make his dad proud. And we mean as in... "talk show host".)

Lion-O: The stage is set. It's now or never.

Tygra: You don't have to do this, Lion-O. You'll get killed out there!

Lion-O: Then so be it. But tonight, I'll make Father proud. And more importantly, (Scene zooms out to reveal Jay Lion-O.) score the highest ratings in my timeslot.

Announcer: It's the Tonight Show with your host... Jay Lion-O!

(After the title card...)

Jay Lion-O: Thank you, thank you! So, our big story in the news today, Thundera was attacked by lizard people, soulless beasts, and an ancient wizard corpse. And by that, I mean the Kardashians are in town.

(Scene goes to Snarf playing drums.)

Jay Lion-O: THUNDERCATS, HEY-OH! We've got a big show for you tonight! Ryan Gosling is here, musical guest: Mumm-Ra and Sons, and, as always, Panthro and the Tonight Show Band. (Music plays.) So, Panthro, what did you do this weekend?

Panthro: Uh, I got stuck in a tree.

Jay Lion-O: THUNDERCATS, HEY-OH! Now it's time for a segment we call "Catwalking", where I humiliate people by asking them extremely easy questions! (The city, where Catwalking begins) All right, who granted Mumm-Ra his immortality?

Man 1: Um, I don't know who Mumm-Ra is.

Jay Lion-O: What powers does the Sword of Omens possess?

Man 2: Uh, it can cut cake?

Jay Lion-O: What is a Ramlack?

Man 3: Uh, I think a Ramlack's integrity.

Jay Lion-O: Wow, what a bunch of nincompoops. Alright, it's time for our first guest. Please welcome... RYAN GOSLING! So, tell us about your new movie.

Ryan Gosling: Sure. It's a romantic comedy called "Crazy, Stupid, LOLCats".

Jay Lion-O: And your costar is a friend of mine, Cheetara.

Ryan Gosling: It's really true. Cheetara's good.

Jay Lion-O: Let's check out a clip!

(In the clip...)

Ryan Gosling: I was once lost, but will you accept this offer to be my girlfriend? I mean, you're the only one with whiskers.

(laugh track)

Ryan Gosling: Yeah, uh.. I don't like to talk about my personal love life.

Jay Lion-O: But we have some candid photos. (CANDIDS FOLLOW) Here's the two of you on a date, Grune attacking you on your date, and you under a table crying when a warlord was there.

Ryan Gosling: Yeah, uh... I don't like to talk about my personal love life.

Jay Lion-O: Maybe your name should be Cryin' Gosling. THUNDERCATS, HEY-OH! We've had so much fun with Ryan Gosling that we're out of time, so my apologies to Mumm-Ra and Sons---

(Bad timing - Mumm-Ra and Sons have set up)

Mumm-Ra: Oh, come on! We're already set up.

Jay Lion-O: Sorry, old pal, we'll have you back next week.

Mumm-Ra: No way, Lion-O! This is the 3rd time you've bumped us! We're playing, and a one, and a two, here we go!

(guitar music plays)

Jay Lion-O: NO, Mumm-Ra! It's time for Jimmy Fallon! You will not deprive America in his huge musical impersonations! (jumps)

(End credits:

The Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O

Hosted by Jay Lion-O

Directed by Tygra

Featuring the Thundera Band

Band Leaders




Created by Snarf

A SNARFCO Production

Filmed in Thundera in Front of a Live Studio Audience)

(End segment)