This skit is from the episode So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance / Yo Gagga Gagga!.


Announcer: This week on "The Man who Forgot his Hand is a Bomb"...

(in park) Person: Hey, man. I totally aced that test!

Man: High five! No, wait-


(playing Twister) Person: Alright, right hand green.

Man: I got it!


(while playing baseball, someone throws a ball) Man: I got it!


(a fly buzzes aroundthe man swats it with the bomb hand)


Waitress: Careful, that coffee's hot.

Man: I know. I almost burnt my li-


(making a buisness deal) Boss: Sir, you have yourself a deal. Let's shake on it. No wait, I have a cold. We should fist bump!

Man: No, wait!


Announcer: "The Man who Forgot his Hand is a Bomb"! Now entering its 4th season.

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