Skit from So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon How to Dance/Yo Gagga Gagga!


Announcer: Shy Peter Parker was bitten by a spider, turning him into the Amazing Spider-Man! Now you have the chance to be just as lucky with the Itsy Bitsy Super Spider! Just one bite from our tiny spider...

Kid 1: Ow!

Announcer And the results could be just as amazing!

Actually, I feel kind of feverish. ohh!

Announcer: Sure spidey's transformation may have been one of a kind, but who knows until you try?

My eyes are the color of Spider-Man!

I have 8 arms like a spider, but, now, none of my clothes fit.

Announcer: You could acquire any one of his amazing powers.

It's less of a power, more of a goiter really.

My throat is closing up.

Hard Time Breathing!

Announcer: The itsy bitsy super spider-- because with great power comes great itching, swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, and responsibility.


MAD - itsy bitsy super spider01:02

MAD - itsy bitsy super spider

Itsy Bitsy Super Spider animated by Jorge R. Gutierrez.


  • The 8-arm kid is wearing an El Tigre shirt.

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