The Heli-Chopper is a product ad segment in The Buzz Identity / Two and a Half Man. It is a parody of Helicopter.

Summary of Skit

The dangerous but helpful Heli-Chopper chops everything.


(The screen shows a woman trying to slice a tomato properly, but it gets splattered, along with that some other food, such as a lemon and broccoli, couldn't get sliced through completely.)

Announcer: When it comes to preparing vegetables, does your old kitchen knife lack the jobs?

Woman: (nods)

Announcer: Well, help has arrived.

Woman: (gasps)

(The roof breaks off, as the Heli-Chopper appears with the announcer in it. Objects appear flying around.)

Announcer: Introducing the Heli-Chopper!

Cow: MOO! MOO!

("The Heli-Chopper" text appears.)



  • When they show the blueprint of the Heli-Chopper, it's called MAD's Heli-Chopper plans.
  • When the cow is sliced, the milk says "Got Minced?" referring to "Got Milk?".
  • One installment costs five dollars while the other three installments cost $2,000,000.

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