This commercial is from the episode FrankenWinnie / ParaMorgan.

Summary of Skit

The Grim Reaper advertises a comfortable bed - the only bed that makes you sleep like the dead.


Boy: AUGH!!!!! I can't sleep! This Lumpy Matrice is gonna be the Death of me!

(Boy sees Grim Reaper)

Grim Reaper: You're ready?

(Boy jumps off and scared)

Boy: AAAHH!!!! No, No! I only, mean't!

Grim Reaper: To try the New Grim Sleeper! (Goes to Matrice) the only Matrice that gaurantees your sleep like the Dead. Try it out!

Boy: I don't know, it's seems kinda Creepy!

(Grim Reaper shows Red Eyes)

Grim Reaper: I said try it!

(Boy gets into Bed)

Boy: OK, I don't think I gonna... WOW! It feels Comforatble!

Grim Reaper: Plus the Grim Sleeper is also a able in a Sofa Bed which is perfect for House Guests (Scene goes to Man and Grandma)

Man: Here you go Mom!

(Pops Sofa out)

Lady: It isn't Time!

Man: It sure is to get a Good Night's Rest!

Grim Reaper: And just like Death, a Good Night Sleep can find you were ever you go, with the Protable Grim Sleeper. (Scene goes to a Gril and her Friends)

Girl: I'll be right with ya (Matrice is blown)

Girl: You're weird!

(Scene goes to Grim Sleeper)

Grim Reaper: So sure you can rest when you're dead! But what's wrong with with getting a Good Night Sleep before that?

Boy: Actually, it's kind off hard to breathe in here!

Grim Reaper: The Grim Sleeper, pretty soon you'll come looking' for me! Hahahahaha!

(Segment ends and moves on to Bane: Friend to Children, Enemy to Bats)


This is similar to Nickelodeon's ChalkZone

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