This segment is from The Adventures of TaunTaun / Everybody Loves Rayman.

Summary of Skit

Many people lothe Mondays because that's the day the weekend ends, especially Garfield. So, he advertises a calendar that has no Mondays.


Boy: Oh man! Monday? I hate Mondays!

The Garfield No Monday Calendar.

Garfield: Preach it, brother. Hi! I'm Garfield from Garfield. If you hate Mondays much as me, then I have a thing to sell you. The Garfield No Monday Calendar, the first calendar to have no Mondays!

Boy: Oh man! I hate- Oh, Tuesday! I got no problems with Tuesdays!

Garfield: Free from the curse of the Mondays, you can live your life the way you want!

Orignal Concept Art

Teacher: I hope you finished your paper. I told you it was due on Monday!

Boy: Good thing it's Tuesday!

Garfield: And by losing a day every week, you'll be setting your own schedule!

Woman: Happy Fourth of July!

Boy: July? I thought it was December.

Garfield: But best of all, you never have to wake up to a terrible Monday again!

Boy: Oh man! It's Tuesday and the weekend's over? I hate Tuesdays!

Garfield: The Garfield No Monday Calendar. Because when something's bothering you, it's best to pretend it's not there.

(Garfield kicks Odie and segment ends.)

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