This ad is a parody of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and crossed over with Batman.

This ad is from the episode Pirates of the Pair of Tweens / Konan the Kardashian.

Summary of Skit

A trailer for a new movie about Batman, where he ages backwards!


Announcer: This Christmas, prepare for the cinematic experience of a lifetime.

Doctor: Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this, but your son has been born an old man who's been aging backwards! (Pulls off sheet.) Also, he's Batman.

Batman: Mother?

(The mom gasps.)

Batman: I'm Batman.

Announcer: THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BATMAN, a touching film about a man who lived his life backwards, and was also Batman. The New York Times says, "Old Batman was sad, Normal Batman was cool, and I guess Baby Batman was cute." (Baby Batman plays with toys, and Normal Batman fights crime.) The Cincinatti Chronicle says, "Maybe he should have been Regular-Aged Batman the whole movie, right?" (Kid Batman fights the Joker.) And the LA Examiner cries, "Why did they make this?!"

Batman: We can never be together, Catwoman, because I'm Batman. (He starts to walk away.) Also, I age backwards. (He starts to walk away again.) Plus, I'm Batman.

Announcer: THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BATMAN. Witness the magic that is the 20 minutes in the middle of this movie where Batman can acutally do stuff!


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