Taylor Swiffer is a parody of Taylor Swift and Swiffer.

This ad is from I Love You, Iron Man / Ben 10 Franklin.


Taylor Swift: Mops. You own tons of them, but do they ever work? Hi. (Woman screams)

Taylor Swift: I'm Taylor Swift and if squeaky clean floors are what you want, get my new Taylor Swiffer. It'll give your floors a shine, just like my reputation. Dull, safe and stain-free.

(Cuts to a mop and the Taylor Swiffer collecting Kanye West dirt.)

Taylor Swift: Most mops don't get those annoying stains that can ruin your evening, and since the handle is as thick as my waistline, it's like having me over to help.

Woman: Let me try.

Taylor Swift: No wait, that's me. (Taylor screams)

Announcer: The Taylor Swiffer, wherever celebrity endorsed crap is sold.


  • The dirt represented Kanye West which is a reference of him dissing in 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • The ribbon reads SQUEAKY CLEAN and totally boring.

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