Turner Network Television (TNT) is an American cable television channel created by media mogul Ted Turner and currently owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner that airs a variety of shows, with a focus on dramatic programming. Since 2007, TNT has re-launched local versions of the channel in Spain, Germany, Turkey and Belgium with more European countries in the pipeline.

TNT, as a cable service, was launched with a showing of the 1939 classic movie Gone with the Wind (to which Ted Turner had acquired the rights), on October 3, 1988. It was chosen because, it was said, it was Turner's favorite movie – it would also be the first program on sister channel Turner Classic Movies in 1994. Incidentally, the film was premiered in Atlanta, Turner's hometown and the headquarters of Turner Broadcasting, and was the setting for Gone With the Wind.

TNT was, at least initially, a vehicle for older movies and television shows, but slowly began to add original programming and newer reruns. When TNT began broadcasting pre-1986 MGM films, it caused a controversy when they began colorizing many black and white classics.

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