Superhero 6 Motel

Superhero 6 Motel (vacancy)

This ad is a parody of Motel 6.

This ad is from the episode Force Code / Flammable.

Summary of Skit

Superhero 6 Motel is the only motel chain to your super needs.




Announcer: Don't you hate defeating supervillains so far from home?


Thor: We just defeated Galactus. Now we have to travel all the way home?

Thing: Do you know what traffic is like at this part of space?

Announcer: That's why there's the Superhero 6 Motel, the only motel chain to your super needs! So check into one of our deluxe suites and you can really stretch out.

Mr. Fantastic: Hmm...

Announcer: Stay connected with our 24-hour business center.


[fax machine noises]

Announcer: Our dry cleaners can handle anything from tuxedos to heavy suits. Enjoy our salt water swimming pool and all Superhero 6s are pet friendly with vibrainium hour-long kennel. The Superhero 6 Motel! Located secretly at exit 9 behind Saturn and Avenue Q.

Loki: Surely if it was here, there be a sign. This is a highway, for crying out loud!

Spider-Man & Thor: Thanks, Superhero 6!

Announcer: It's your very own Fortress of Solitude, only with a checkout time.


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