This skit is from Cliffordfield / Big Time Rushmore.

Summary of Skit

Skip Schwartz hosts a really fast sports news show.


Announcer:' It's time for Sports O'Clock, with your host Skip Schwartz!

Skip Schwartz: Skip Schwartz, everybody! Let's go over all of today's scores! 14! 31! 56! 11! And, you won't believe this, 47! Unbe-Schwartz-able! Fans, this week's guest is basketball superstar LeBron James. LeBron, who is the toughest team you ever played against? Thank you, LeBron James! It's time now for Horn and Sirens! (horn and sirens) Let's take a look at the highlight of the night. That's gotta be a record! And speaking of explosions, let's take a look at the College Game Explosion of the Night! (BOOM!) That's gotta leave a mark! That pain in your head could only mean it's time to Circle the Wagons! Experts, tell the world who's going to win the Big Game. John?

John: Well--


Steve: I--


Ron: Odds are--

Slick? You can't argue with Slick. Thanks for tuning in, sports fans! Until next time, I'm Skip Schwa-- (BOOM!)


  • This sketch marks the debut of Skip Schwartz, who will later appear in Monkey Payday from The Straight A-Team / Gaming's Next Top Princess.

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