Summary of Skit

The Sleepy Cloud is guaranteed to give you a good night's rest--if the voiceover guy will shut up!


(The screen shows a man in bed with his head on a brick.)

Voiceover: Getting a good night sleep can be impossible.

Man: What is this? A brick?

Voiceover: That's why there's the new Sleepy Cloud. The comfiest pillow on the market.

(The man is seen lying his head on the Sleepy Cloud pillow.)

Man: Ahh!

Voiceover: Just rest your head on its silky surface, and you'll be counting sheep in no time.

Man: Thanks.

Voiceover: 'Cause, each of our pillows has a 10,000 thread count.

Man: Fantastic.

Voiceover: Plus ostrich feathers.

Man: Ostrich...well, that's, uh...that's something.

Voiceover: From Africa!

Man: Okay, gonna go to sleep now.

Voiceover: And what a sleep it'll be. Because the contours of the pillow actually mold to your head.

Man: Sleeping!

Voiceover: Granting you hours of solid slumber.

Man: I'm sorry, I should've mentioned. I have a meeting in the morning...

Voiceover: Plus, doctors agree a good night's sleep makes for a great day.

Man: That's my point! I'm trying to sleep!

Voiceover: Plus, the Sleepy Cloud lets dream-inducing elements in.

Man: Hello! Are you deaf?!

Voiceover: While blocking out any outside noises.

Man: Great!

Voiceover: All for only $39.95.

Man: (puts the Sleepy Cloud pillow on top of his head) I can still hear you!

Voiceover: Which you can pay for in installment.

Man: Okay, that does it! (gets out of bed and into his car and drives to the building, while smashing through his garage door and the gate)

Voiceover: Plus, the Sleepy Cloud is environmentally friendly, made from air and air-like materials. So get rid of those puffy eyes once and for all with the -- (the man comes in the room) hey! What are you doing here?!

Man: I'll show you, to listen, you Sleepy Cloud! (starts attacking the voiceover)

Voiceover: You can't be here! This is a union gig! Wait, please! I've gotta read the text! I don't even know you!

(The voiceover gets beaten up by the man, commotion is heard all the while)


  • This product is a parody of the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow.