This ad is a parody of Shazam!

This ad is from the episode Fast Hive / Minute to Flynn It.

Summary of Skit

Tackle your super hunger with the power of the Shazamwich.



Boy: Peanut butter & jelly AGAIN?

Billy Batson: Maybe I can help!

Boy: Billy Batson?! Do you wanna swap lunches?

Billy Batson: I can do better than that. SHAZAM!

Boy: HOLY COW! Captain Marvel? Do you wanna swap lunches?

Captain Marvel: No, but if you have a super hunger, you need the SHAZAMWICH! A true hero with the flavor of Sausage, the texture of Ham, the nutrients of Apples, the chalkiness of Zinc, the Apples I mentioned earlier, the calcium of Milk--

Boy: This sounds disgusting!

Captain Marvel: What? No! With a... Oh! Now you made me lose my place, uh, hold on, Uh... S H A Z A... Ahh! Yes yes yes! The heartiness of Meatloaf, the color of Whitebread, the stickiness of Icepops--

Boy: Uh, I have to get to class!

Captain Marvel: Mmm! Not listening! Don't talk to me! The festiveness of Cake, and the convenience of a Hotpocket!

Boy: I think I'll just stick with my PB&J!

Captain Marvel: THE SHAZAMWICH! They don't call me the big cheese for nothing! Wait, did I mention cheese? Oh, hang on, S is for Sausage, H is for ham, or-- (Segment ends)


  • The 2nd time Captain Marvel gets spoofed. The 1st time was Superheroes: They're Just Like Us.
  • This segment appeared on DC Nation.
  • Shazamwich stands for: Sausage, Ham, Apples, Zinc, Applesauce, Milk and Meatloaf, Whitebread, Ice Pops, Cake and Cheese, and Hot Pocket.
  • There are posters that had changed many times.

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