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Sassie is a take-off of Lassie.

This ad is from MAD Season 2, Episode 8 (34): X Games: First Class / Criminal Minecraft.


A new series from the producers of Lassie about a talking dog with plenty of sass up his sleeve.



Donald Pardo: From the producers of the beloved series Lassie comes...

Sassie: Ruff ruff ruff!

Farmer: What's that, boy? Timmy's stuck in a well?

Sassie: I said "bow wow". What part of that sounds like "Timmy's stuck in a well? No.

Donald Pardo: Sassie.

Sassie: And who uses a well nowadays? What are we, sharecroppers? Not Good!

Donald Pardo: A tale of danger.

Sassie: Don Pardo, There Is Not A Tale Of Danger!

Donald Pardo: A tale of friendship.

Sassie: I got a name, Don Parto, There Is Not A Tale Of Danger!

Donald Pardo: And a tale of heroics.

Sassie: There Is No Heroics!

Donald Pardo: Will Sassie save the day? Tune in next week for the exciting answer to...

Sassie: Can you keep the ad shut for 5 minutes?

Donald Pardo: But I'm the announcer.

Sassie: Why? Cause your mama said you had a nice voice? Made you record funny messages for the answering machine? Trust me, you wouldn't last two seconds on a real show.

Donald Pardo: Oh, Sassie,

Sassie: Quiet Don,  CAUSE YOU FAIL!

Donald Pardo:I...

Sassie: Ok, first of all, I AM NOT SASSIE, I'm Phillip Jones, And how about you shut up.

Donald Pardo:I am the announcer.

(Sassie kills donald pardo)

Sassie: There! How's that?


  • The announcer's name is Donald Pardo.
  • Having the ad shut for 5 minutes would be impossible, because MAD is only 11 minutes long.
  • MAD is actually not EXACTLY 11 minutes, but it goes to 11:21.

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