SHAZAM! & Cat is a take-off of Sam & Cat and is spoofed with Captain Marvel.

This segment is from MAD Season 4, Episode 20 (98): World War ZZZ / SHAZAM! & Cat.


Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine have a new child to babysit who is actually Captain Marvel!



  • Sam Puckett
  • Cat Valentine
  • Billy Batson / Captain Marvel
  • Dr. Sivana
  • Dan Schneider
  • Miranda Cosgrove




  • This is the only time Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and Sam & Cat showed up on MAD.
  • The segment is similar to Criminal MinecraftThe Celebrity Ape-renticeCookie BlueNew Gill, Ancient Greek MythBusters, and Brain Purge.
  • This sketch shows a criticism about Dan Schneidier series, as the creator ever seems to be out of ideas, and his series are decaying and getting worse.
  • When Cat says she shortens the oxygen and passes out from lack of oxygen, this refers to the way of talking about Cat in the original series, since often speaks inward desperately like she could not breathe properly.
  • The description says that the name of the hero is Captain Marvel, but the sketch is called by its alternative name "Shazam" perhaps was placed well to sound better in the title, and/or to put the joke that the hero accidentally turns again on Billy.
  • When we see Shazam and Dr. Savana on the TV Satelite, next there is a studio with an orange and green spot. This makes it clear from the beginning that they in the Nickelodeon studios, as the orange spot is the old logo of Nick, and the green spot is the slime of the Kids Choice Awards.
  • When Sam said a word, and below the screen appeared a subtitle giving the meaning of the word, refers to the original series of Dan Schneider, as they use many words of any modern language.
    • However, when he could not find the meaning of "Mustard Seed", also says many words in Dan Schneider's series, are meaningless.
  • Doctor Savana's clothes, is the same clothes of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory.

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