Title Card.

Rejected Transformers is a Rejected segment from Avaturd / CSiCarly.

Rejected Transformers


Narrator: Transformers: You have your favorites, but here are some rejected ones that didn't make the cut. Autopot...

(Autopot spills boiling water on a man's face. The man screams)


Mowertron: I will destroy the-- [cough]

Narrator: Headgear: the Orthodonthic Transformer.

Headgear:(gets spit out of a girl's mouth) Eww!

Narrator: And Click: the Transformer that can hide anywhere.

Man: Honey, have you seen the remote?

Woman: Have you checked in the sofa cushions?

(Click pops uf from the sofa and kicks the man in the stomach)

Narrator: Rejected Transformers. Now you know why they're less than meets the eye.

(5-second Cartoon):

Announcer: Rentor: the low-budget affordable Transformer.

Boy: Where did you get that battle scar?

Rentor: Uh, it was like that when I got here.

(Air hisses)


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