Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters

Opening Title To Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters Segment

Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters is a Rejected segment from Star Blecch / uGlee.

Toy Story 3 Characters

Rejected Characters

  • Speak 'N' Swear
  • Mr. Couch Potato Head
  • Baby Never-Stops-Crying
  • Bizz the Friendly Fax
  • Private Space


Narrator: You love the characters from Toy Story 3 but here are some rejected ones. Speak "N" Swear...

Boy: How do you spell "house?"

Speak 'N' Swear: How the [censored] should I know?!

Narrator: Mr. Couch Potato Head...

Mr. Couch Potato Head: (yawning) You guys rescue Buzz. (Gets to sleep)

Narrator: Baby Never-Stops-Crying...

Baby Never-Stops-Crying: WAAAH! WAAAH! WAAAH!...

Woody: If we don't get Andy before tonight-- Ah, I'm sorry, this is just-- does-- does he really need to be here?

Narrator: Bizz the Friendly Fax...

Rex: What are we gonna do, Bizz?

Bizz the Friendly Fax: DOOT-DOOOOOO-DOOT!! (Use your head!)

Narrator: And Private Space!

Private Space: HA! I need a personal perimeter of five feet by five feet.

Narrator: Toy Story 3, so many characters... but not these. (Baby Never-Stops-Crying cries again while Bizz the Friendly Fax's beeping sounds make noises again)



Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters00:40

Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters


  • Speak 'N' Swear said the "F" word which was censored out.
  • Lenny didint' live with Andy in Toy Story 3.

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