Rejected Superheroes is a Rejected segment from Da Grinchy Code / Duck.

Rejected Superheroes

  • The Incredible Growing Boy
  • Sketch
  • Altidude


Look! Up in the sky! It's... REJECTED SUPERHEROES!

The Incredible Growing Boy: A boy with the power to grow about an inch a year until his mid-20's. Weakness: Will most likely die somewhere in his mid-to-late 80's.

Sketch: A woman who can duplicate anyone's likeness. Weakness: Must be in caricature form.

(As Sketch changes to the enemy on a dune buggy...)

Enemy: What? Oh, come on! I don't even like dune buggies!

Altidude: A man with the power to fly at incredible speeds. Weakness: He is still subject to commercial airline regulations.

Altidude: Yes, I know he has a death laser, but there's some serious fog in Atlanta. I don't know an hour...?

Man: At least two?

Altidude: He says at least two.



  • Here are the reasons of the Rejected Superheroes:
    1. The Incredible Growing Boy: Rejected because he doesn't have mid-to-late 80's. He stops at his mid-20's
    2. Sketch: Rejected because she duplicates anyone's dislikeness. Caricatures contain dune buggies
    3. Altidude: Rejected because the world loses without him. Is the death laser or fog in Atlanta more important?

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