Rejected Smurfs is a Rejected segment from WWe Bought a ZOO / 2 Broke Powerpuff Girls.


MAD smurfs a look at some Smurfs that didn't make the smurf.


Rejected Smurfs

  • Vainy
  • Texty
  • Flaky
  • Smurfnet


Announcer: There are all kinds of Smurfs, but here are a few rejected Smurfs. Veiny...

Veiny: It ain't pretty, but I donate a lot of smurfin' blood!

Announcer: Texty...

Smurfette: So I said to him, "Five smurfs is way too smurfy much for something so smurfarific!" Hey, are you even listening to me?

Texty: Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah! You, uh, you said something about, uh, Smurfs.

Announcer: Flaky...

(All the houses are checked.)

Papa Smurf: I'm sorry, he said he'd be here! I can't imagine where he-- Oh, right.

Announcer: And Smurfnet!

(The computer is loading the internet.)

Smurfnet: Ugh, I REALLY have to get highspeed internet! (Drinks from his juice box.)


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