Rejected Grrl Pout Cookies is a Rejected segment from Class of the Titans / Zeke and Lex Luthor.

Rejected Cookies

  • Lig-A-Mints
  • Eagle Pies
  • Do-Si-Toes
  • Gag-a-Longs
  • Cinnamon Beartraps
  • Pecan Blandies
  • Thin Prints


  • Girl Scouts


Everyone has their favorite Grrl Pout Cookies, but here are few rejected ones that won't be getting a badge.

Lig-A-Mints, Eagle Pies, Do-Si-Toes, and Gag-a-Longs.

5-second Cartoon

Cinnamon Beartraps...

Man: Ow!

Pecan Blandies...

Girl: Aw.

And Thin Prints.

(Alarm blares.)

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