Rejected Auditions

Opening Title to Rejected Auditions

Rejected Auditions is a Rejected segment from Are You Karate Kidding Me? / The Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air.

Rejected Auditions



Announcer: MAD had discovered some Rejected Audition Tapes including: Jay-Z as Spider-Man...

Man: HELP! Someone help!

Jay-Z: Go help that gentleman.

Bodyguard: Okay boss.

Announcer: The Jersey Shore's the Situation as Sherlock Holmes...

The Situation: The Situation here is that we've got a crime. And that crime is how good-looking my situation is right here. Am I right, ladies?

Dr. Watson: I'm not a lady.

Announcer: Tracy Morgan as the Na'vi...

Tracy Morgan: You don't love me, Jake Smelly! You just love my blue alien cat face!

Jake Smelly: I... WHA?

Announcer: And Fred as Edward Cullen.

Fred Figglehorn: Hey, it's me, Fredward! And I'm a vampire! HISS! I hate you, Isabella Swann! Psych! I'm just kidding, I love you! Ahh! The Vultori! Don't choose Jacob, choose ME! CHOOSE ME, CHOOSE ME, CHOOSE ME, CHOOSE ME, CHOOSE ME!

5-second Cartoon

Fred: Everyone you know will be dead in a few decades, but who cares? You'll have sparkly skin!

(Bella smiles as her skin sparkles)

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