This ad is a parody of Red Skull and Red Bull.

This ad is from the episode Kung Fu Blander/Destroy Bob the Builder Destroy.

Summary of Skit

Red Skull invents a super serum that puts wings on your head.


Captain America: Hold it right there, Red Skull!

Red Skull: You're too late, Captain America! I found a way to make my own super serum.

Captain America: Is this it here?

Red Skull: Yes and I'll be strong as... hey, hey! What are you doing?!

Captain America: (Drinking the serum) (sighs) Hey, Thor. You should try this.

Thor: What? This?

Red Skull: Wait, no! I only made two. I need that for…

Thor: (sighs) Wow, this is great!

Captain America: You should give up your evil ways and go into the drink business.

Red Skull: (groans)

Narrator: Red Skull. It puts wings on your head.


  • Red Skull puts wings on your head, but Red Bull gives you wings.

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