Summary of Skit

Quicker Sand and Quickish Sand can make quicksand go faster.


  • Explorer #1
  • Explorer #2
  • Explorer #3
  • Ancient Tribesman
  • Announcer
  • Quincy Quickens


Explorer #1: (walks into some quicksand) Oh, no! Quicksand!

Ancient Tribesman: HAHAHAHAHA! I was leading you into a trap all along! And now, YOU WILL DIE!

Explorer #1: Of what? Old age? Ohh! Can this thing go any faster?!

Ancient Tribesman: Ahh, I'm afraid not.

Announcer: Don't be discouraged 'cause now it can with QuickerSand!


  • When they say the speed for QuickishSand, they say one quarter of the speed of QuickerSand. That would make half the speed of quicksand. It should be three quarters of the speed of QuickerSand.

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